“I had excruciating pain in my lower back for a couple of weeks.  I was not able to sleep, do my job or have a social life.  My only relief came by lying on a hard floor or taking pain medication.  I had been to a chiropractor previously for an upper back problem, so I knew that was my only and best choice.  A trusted Christian friend who believed in chiropractic care referred me to Dr. Matlock.  My biggest concern was how I was going to pay for it because I had recently undergone unplanned surgery that was not covered by insurance, so I had few resources.  Dr. Matlock worked out a payment plan.  Within a couple of weeks I saw dramatic improvement, gradually becoming pain free.  I even played a vigorous hour and a half game of tennis after 2 months.  This was something I hadn’t been able to do in a few years.  I feel that my whole “core” and total back area has become stronger as well as my abdominals.  I’ve also had increased energy and less sinus headaches.”

Testimonials, Susan B

“I returned from a mission trip in April 2009, my ankle and right foot swollen.  Within a week I had numbness in my right leg, burning and pain at the hip.  Sleepless nights in pain.  I visited my PCP, had X-rays and was referred to a Physiatrist.  The Physiatrist ran several nerve tests and more x-rays.  I attended physical therapy for several weeks without results.  The Physiatrist suggested I continue 8-10 Advil daily intake.  Upon review of the exam, the Physiatrist told me to continue the Physical Therapy for a couple weeks; if not better I would start a pain management program consisting of injections, medications and PT.  I remained troubled so I sought a Podiatrist to see if that treatment could help.  Again, the same diagnostics and more x-rays;  a referral another specialist at a Wellness Center only to be advised I could possibly have Lymphatic filariasis (a parasitic disease caused by microscopic, thread-like worms.  The adult worms only live in the human lymph system, thus the swelling and pain.)  More x-rays and tests.  I was told they needed to talk to my PCP and the other specialists to develop a program for me and would call me back.  I called two-days later; still no answer.  Still in pain, no sleep, swelling and unable to walk properly.  I prayed for God to give me wisdom what to do.  God’s answer – Chiropractic care!  I remembered 15-years ago how Chiropractic Care helped relive pain from a car accident.  I asked my husband if he knew one.  He had just met Dr. Matlock.  We called and received an immediate appointment.  I told him my story and gave him my x-rays; he did some of his own x-rays.  That visit he began treatment and educated me about how the body reacts to interferences of the nerve system.  In about a month I was improving; no more Advil, swelling almost gone, my hip almost normal.  By the end of September I was able to walk in normal shoes.  In October the revaluation showed phenomenal improvement.  November brought a family crisis demanding significant life-style and living structure changes.  We learned that our 4-year old grand-daughter had cancer.  My 88-year old mother returned to live with us, along with our oldest granddaughter while our her parents cared for the 4-year old.  STRESS!!!!!.  Holidays were hard but I still kept improving, now walking with regular shoes, without discomfort or pain.  No more swelling.  (So much for the Lymphatic filariasis)  We were able to continue our annual vacation to Disney without problems at all.  On February 15 I was able to walk up 4 steps without help.  I didn’t hurt.  What an exciting experience.
Dr. Matlock has removed the “interference” and my body is healing.  Given time, and belief in your faith, God will take care of the problem.  You are never alone!  Dr. Matlock reminds me of this frequently.”

Testimonials, Mae D

“I was at the lowest point of my life physically, mentally and emotionally when I met Dr. Matlock.  I had just moved in to a new home and gotten a divorce …. I had been through a car accident and suffered neck and back pain.  I also had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder several years prior.  With bipolar, I would lay on the couch with depression for days, not able to walk, talk, eat or drink.  I looked at my daughters and wondered how I would ever raise them.

Dr. Matlock introduced me to a life of health and positive thinking.  Chiropractors believe that the body and mind can heal itself.  Within a few months, I was able to see results.  I had three office visits a week and two visits a week to a massage therapist.  Physically, I was able to achieve more.  I had never been athletic as a child.  Through chiropractic I am now swimming every day, running and going to the gym.  I have also taken tennis and golf lessons.  I am amazed at the strength and endurance I now have. 

My brain has started to focus and function again.  I am now able to connect the ideas that are swimming around in my head.  I can now accomplish many tasks, instead of not finishing anything.  What my body needed was exercise and adjustments to make it work properly again.

I am thankful to Dr. Matlock for introducing me to a healthy lifestyle.  I now feel that I am at a high point in my life instead of the lowest.”

Testimonial, D. S.

“I had suffered with headaches since a young child.  In the past five years I started experience arm and wrist weakness and numbness along with back pain.  I had been using prescription and over the counter pain medicines, but they did not work all the time.  I wanted to be drug free so I looked into chiropractic.  Since starting care I have been able to go weeks and now months without headaches.  This is amazing to me!   An unexpected benefit from chiropractic care is now I have a positive attitude toward my health.  When everyone else around me is getting very sick with colds and flu I know I will not, because my body is working better now.”

Tammy E

“I was involved in an automobile accident in 2001. As a result, I herniated a disc in my neck. Since 2001, I have struggled to manage my pain that would radiate down my arms. In addition, I suffered from muscle loss in my chest and arms and during flair ups, the pain was so severe, I would have to resort to muscle relaxers and pain killers. Every year, I would need epidural cervical injections.

In late 2007 the pain, could no longer be managed. I was in the process of scheduling a spinal fusion which would have removed the disc from my neck and fuse two vertebrae together. I was a week away from the surgery when I walked into to Dr. Matlock’s office. I had tried Chiropractic care before and was very skeptical that he would be able to help me in my severe condition. I went to one of his Tuesday night educational talks and decided that I had nothing to lose by postponing the surgery and giving chiropractic treatment one more chance.

My decision to postpone surgery and seek treatment was the best decision I could have made. After reviewing my x-rays with Dr. Lucas, the science behind my pain was clear. Now, it was time to try and correct my spinal condition through gradual movement. It took several weeks but, slowly, the pain left my body and the strength returned to my arms and chest.

The x-rays taken since my initial visit show the dramatic changes that have occurred in my body. The curve is returning to my neck and the spaces between my discs are increasing thus, my nerves are no longer being impinged. I no longer require any pain meds nor muscle relaxers.

The only thing I can say to skeptics is that relief may not come overnight but, if you stick to a treatment plan, the body will change and overtime you will feel better and you can also avoid the surgeon’s knife like I did.”

Testimonials, Stephen B

“It is my very great privilege to recommend Matlock Chiro to anyone who is in need of care. Here is my story of healing.

In Nov 2000 I was in a car accident and fractured some vertebrae in my neck. That was the beginning of the 7 yrs of pain, including 5 yrs of narcotic pain meds, the time I now call my Dark Ages. I also developed a severe case of fibromyalgia, PTSD, depression and panic and anxiety disorder severe enough to require the services of a Service Dog. Some days I couldn’t get out of bed or walk the length of my modest house. Many days I was too afraid to leave my house.

When I met Dr. Matlock at Arti-Gras in Feb 08 I was using my electric handicap scooter and traveling with Jasmine my PSD. I sensed a goodness and genuine desire to help people in Dr. Lucas and thought he might be another step in my healing journey.

Little did I know how significant that step would become. For my first few treatments I entered his office walking with my cane. In a few weeks my sense of balance was so improved that I no longer needed it. Then while watching the 700 Club on TV I was healed of fibro in the space of a moment. All the pain was gone from my muscles and I felt a heaviness lift from my being. I was filled with a great joy.

The treatments continued to bring life to my body and mind. God lifted depression and fear as I received ministry through the word at church and somehow, in a way I don’t fully understand, through the ministry of Dr. Lucas. I believe God has brought Dr. Lucas into my life to align my body the way God intended it to function. I believe as my body becomes whole, it causes my inner being to be ready or available for spiritual, emotional and physical healing. There is a definite connection that I am at a loss to describe.

I came to Dr. Lucas with a serious desire to get my health back. It was no mistake or co-incidence that I met him when I was in great need and great pain. It was God’s provision.

My handicap scooter sits unused and I now ride my bike almost daily. My heart is full of joy. My health is a testimony to God’s multi-facetted healing of which Dr. Lucas’s treatments and ministry to me has played a profound role.

If anyone is wondering about Chiropractic care or whether or not to start receiving treatments from Dr. Lucas I can whole heartedly say to you DO IT!! It just might change your life as wonderfully as it has changed mine. Thank you Dr. Lucas, from the bottom of my heart. God Bless you.”

Sooz W


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